"The Lonely Alchemist" is a great place to advertise your shop or website!  With thousands of views a week from all over the globe, "The Lonely Alchemist" blog is a perfect place to show off your Steampunk, Gothic, eco-friendly, up-cycled, Regency, fantasy, geeky, or Victorian wares.  Our advertisements are inexpensive and easily visible on the left sidebar of the blog.

We do review all requests for advertisements to make sure your products fit with the themes and aesthetic of our blog.  Just give us a link to your site or shop as well as the image you wish to use as an advertisement and we will get back to you within 7 days.  If you are rejected, that doesn't mean we don't like you; it just means that whatever you sell doesn't fit with the rest of our blog.  (We rarely reject anyone.)

Your advertisement may contain any image that is not sexually explicit or racially offensive.  We will gladly create your add for you.  If you already have a blinkie, button, or stamp for your shop, you may use that.  When you submit your request for advertising, you must also submit the URL of the website or shop you wish your image to link to.

Prices and sizes for advertisements are as follows:

Large: $12/ month, 140 x 333 pixels (width x height)
Medium: $7/ month, 140 x 140 pixels
Small: $5/ month, 140 x 70 pixels

Please contact us at to submit a request or ask a question