Sunday, March 31, 2013

Steampunk hairstyle: "the figure eight"

If you're searching for a hairstyle for your next Steampunk outing, look no further.  I love experimenting with my hair, and coming up with simple, no-hassle ways to do my hair somewhat like they do in the movies.  This hairstyle is simple and elegant and looks good on everyone. It is really quite easy to do: just a regular figure eight with an extra curl. The figure eight does have to be rather tight to make sure it stays in place more than 10 minutes.  Caroline Bingley wears something like it in "Pride and Prejudice." It works perfectly with a fascinator or small top hat, and less well with a full sized hat or bonnet.  To add some oomph (which won't work with a hat or fascinator), pin up some hair in a half-back first to give yourself some loft above the forehead.

Flowers cover up any bobby-pinning mistakes. These flowers are clips from Claire's Icing (great hair accessory and earring source!) that were extremely cheap and look really cute. I recommend taking a trip to that store soon. It is in almost every mall.

The Lonely Alchemst

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