Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poetry Tuesday: "A conversation in the stype of Japanese love poems" by Robin Bonneau

A conversation in the style of Japanese love poems

I no longer walk in my garden
for the flowers there remind
me of your beauty –
and increase my sorrow.
I try to think
that it was only yesterday you left-
but the snow on the trees
and my tear-stained sleeves
do not leave room for excuses.

You have forsaken me. 
Last night I never slept.
Watching the smoke float out my window,
I wondered if it flew to yours.

Green buds color the hillsides.
I prepare tea and wait hopefully for you.
The tea grows cold.      
When snow falls on the mountain tops
I think of you.
Is your sleep also disturbed
by tender dreams, not cold?
Why do you not come?
Does snow forbid your passage,
or other love hold you prisoner?
Send word – I worry.
I gaze in my mirror.
It does not reflect my love,
only my sadness.
When I serve myself sake
I pour two cups.
Then I must drink both cups
lest someone suspect my anticipation
of your coming.
I say today, that it was
the cherry blossoms that
perfumed my sleeves last night.
But everyone knows it was you.
The reflection of the rising moon
drops like a single tear into the lake.
I understand the lake’s sadness,
that at each dawn it must
give up its luminous lover.
When you come it is like spring,
but when you leave, I shiver.
Spring breezes can bring cold reminders of winter.
The night breeze blows
my sadness away with the blossoms.
Why does the moonlight
not betray the tears on my sleeves?
Because they have dried.
You are beside me.

The Lonely Alchemist

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