Monday, December 12, 2011

Etsy Perfume Shoppes: Part 1

I love perfume! Who doesn't? Making it and wearing it are some of my favorite hobbies. And since commercial perfumes can be quite unhealthy, organic perfumes, natural perfumes, and botanical perfumes are quickly rising in popularity and making a huge niche market for themselves on Etsy and other hand-made goods websites. Here are just some of my favorite (and the best) perfume sellers on Etsy: SaraWen Magical and Romantic Perfume Inspirations offers lovely Gothic, Steampunk, and Fantasy perfumes.
New Zealand Award Winning & Handcrafted Solid Perfumes in various themes.
Madame Scodioli makes unique and intriguing perfumes, soaps, etc... Fantastical fragrance creations from the land of the fairies.
: Botanical perfume; organic, sustainable and natural.
Botanical Perfume, Handmade Couture Fragrances, & Jewelry.
Herbal body care for modern flappers.

Looking for more? Don't worry! I will be posting some more great perfume shoppes soon.


The Lonely Alchemist


  1. It was great to see my Etsy shop as part of your faves! Sorry for this late appreciation post, my head is down and I am creating a new Limited Edition kooky turn of the 19th century solid perfume designed entirely for stroppy women! Its pleasant work! Lovely to see all the other perfumers here as well-delicious.

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning Piacere in this post! Your blog is beautiful and I'm delighted to discover it!