Thursday, December 15, 2011

Etsy Perfume Shoppes: Part 2

Here are some more of the wonderful selection of perfume shoppes on Etsy. While there are over 200 shops on Etsy that sell perfume and scents, I am obligated to say that not all perfumes are created equal. Those that I am listing are either all-natural or mostly natural and have a less mass-produced feel than some of the shops. I have not tried perfumes from all of these shops, but from the sellers profiles I can tell that healthy personalized scents in small batches are their priority.

For my first list of exotic Etsy perfume shoppes, see here.

So here are some more lovely fragrance shoppes:

GreenManNaturals: Eco-friendly literary themed solid perfumes and perfume oils.

ForStrangeWomen: Natural Perfumery - Forest & Victorian-Inspired.

ArabesqueAromas: A Botanical Apothecary.

: Rebel & Mercury Pure Botanical Parfums.

Hand-made aromatherapy, fragrant, and metaphysical oil.

BirdcageandLabyrinth: Steampunk and Gothic perfumerie.

Maoli: Fun and Natural Perfumes made with Aloha.

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