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Steampunk Game Review: "City of Steam"

It is one of the great travesties of the world that Steampunk themed games are few and far between (and it's hard to find the good ones).  So we at the Lonely Alchemist are committed to testing and reviewing every Steampunk-ish MMORPG and casual game we can find, just for you!

Today we review "City of Steam," the first mainly Steampunk MMORPG in the history of games!  This game mixes Steampunk, Fantasy, and Sci-fi aesthetics (mostly Steampunk), and take it from us, it does not disappoint!  We had the pleasure of playing the closed Beta last night, and the game exceeded our expectations for so many beautiful reasons.  So let's take a gander at our favorite aspects of the game so far:

"Mechanist" concept art
For the Lonely Alchemist, at least, a cohesive and interesting story that takes the player on a continuous journey from level 1 to whatever the top level may be, is a must!  And so far, CoS does not disappoint in this area!  Though we've only played to level 6 in the Beta so far, the story is intriguing.  We were especially excited to learn that each race in the game has a slightly different storyline to follow (that's what we read on the website, and we can't wait to see it if is true).  We're not going to give any spoilers because you really should play this game for yourself.  Just know that, so far, CoS has a wonderful storyline.  Period.

We'll be honest, the combat system isn't our favorite we've ever encountered, but that's not stopping us from playing the game.  We've been playing a lot of "Age of Conan: Unchained" recently, so we were looking forward to a more complex combat system.  But personal prejudice aside, the combat system is actually very simple and easy to learn, making this game accessible to avid gamers and casual gamers alike.  We played as a gunner, and all we had to do was point and shoot (and choose which special attacks we might want to use).  It was more than simple: no aiming, just click on the enemy and our character attacks them 'til the enemy is defeated.  You are also able to defend yourself against enemy attacks quite easily, which came in handy.  Pretty manageable, right?  This is perhaps one of the most user friendly combat systems we've ever encountered.  There is also a PVP option (very similar to the PVP format in POTCO) for players who get tired of the NPCs and monsters.

"Blightwoods" concept art

Lovely.  Just lovely.  For a browser-based game, CoS manages to have phenomenally detailed graphics!  We expected the kind of primitive graphics we'd been subjected to with other browser-based games, but CoS surprised us with a stunning level of detail.  If you've had disappointing experiences with browser games and their cheesy unrealistic graphics and animations before, CoS may just knock your socks off.  The graphics also give a perfect tone of decayed industrialization that fits the story perfectly.  Grass and trees are elegant, water is appropriately watery, buildings (wood, metal, and brick) are realistic.  We are completely satisfied with CoS's graphics.  No Complaints at all!

CoS has some very unique enemies, the likes of which we haven't seen in other games.  And they are both creepy and intriguingly artistic.  Bravo!

"World Arteries" concept art
Music and Sound Effects:
Amazing!  The music and sound effects in CoS are beautiful!  The urban sound effects made us feel like we were standing in the middle of a bustling Victorian city (especially the intermittent "intercom" announcements made throughout the city that made us feel like a real refugee).  The combat sound effects were likewise realistic.  The music was unique and not, we repeat NOT, repetitive!  Wow!  Kudos to the composer!

Overall Gameplay:
The overall gameplay was enjoyable and suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels.  Kids and beginning gamers can have fun, while there is enough intrigue, mature subject matter, and interesting combat situations to satisfy more experienced gamers.  Though we're certain that some things will change and improve from closed Beta to open gameplay, CoS has caught our attention and we will definitely continue playing and recommend this game to all our friends.  We were very excited for a Steampunk MMORPG, and CoS has met all of our expectations.  And, as we see it, things can only get better from here, so we look forward to seeing great new things from both CoS and Mechanist Games in the future.

"Riggers" wallpaper

If you're interested in trying the closed Beta, you can purchase a very inexpensive Beta pack here.  The cheapest option is only $10, and trust us, it is worth it!  For more player feedback about the Beta, you can also visit the forum.  If you are a Steampunk, even if you aren't a gamer, we recommend trying this game!  You'll love it!

The Lonely Alchemist

(All images in this post are from the official City of Steam website.  You can find them under "Media.")

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