Friday, June 28, 2013

Brunch fit for a king!

When I set out to make breakfast this morning, I was only going to whip up some scrambled eggs with the left-over bacon rinds from last night's pasta carbonara.  But when I looked into the fridge, I was inevitably captivated by all the other bits and pieces that needed to be cooked up before they went bad.  So I ended up making a lavish brunch that just tasted heavenly!  And because I love you so much, dear readers, I am now happy to share with you the recipe for one of the most delicious meals you'll ever eat.

Omelet with carrots in remoulade sauce and nutella raspberry sandwiches (serves 2):

4 eggs, whipped together
1/2 of a yellow or sweet onion, diced
3 stalks of celery, diced
1/2 cup of bacon or other meat, diced
3/4 cup shredded cheese (I used mild white cheddar)

Pre-cook the celery, onions, and meat to your taste.  The veggies should cook well in the bacon grease.  Remove from skillet.  Next, make the omelets.  Fill each with veg and meat filling, and sprinkle with cheese.  Garnish omelets with any extra filling and cheese.  If you like, you can season the egg mixture with salt and pepper, but I find that the meat and cheese with probably be salty enough to satisfy you.

Carrots in low-fat remoulade:
as many carrots as you like, sliced
1/3 cup non-fat yoghurt
1 t mustard
dash pickle juice
dash lemon juice
dash Worcestershire sauce
dash garlic
1/2 t cayenne pepper

Cook the carrots in the skillet for about 6 min. so they are still a bit crunchy.  To make the remoulade sauce, simply mix all the ingredients together and let sit for a few minutes so the flavors mingle.  If you don't have the ingredients for remoulade, the cajun mixed spices that can be found at any grocery store will work well.  Serve carrots warmed, and spoon sauce onto them.

Nutella raspberry sandwiches:

2 slices bread
fresh raspberries
powdered sugar

Spread bread with Nutella and top with raspberries and powdered sugar.  For hot sandwiches, brush with butter and toast in a panini press or warm in a skillet.

Enjoy your brunch!

The Lonely Alchemist

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