Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's give a cheer for marriage!

In case you don't follow the news, or aren't American, or are American but live in a hole or something, DOMA, the Defence of Marriage Act that legalized marriage discrimination against gays and lesbians, was overturned by the United States supreme court on June 26th.  And in case you didn't know, this is a huge deal for gays and bisexuals in America.  It is just one more step towards marriage equality everywhere, and I can tell you that my Facebook was blowing up yesterday with all the happiness from my gay and straight friends alike.  Now this doesn't mean that suddenly gay marriage is legal all over the United States.  But it is still progress, and I salute those supreme court justices who stood 5 to 4 against it.  If you are against gay marriage, I'm sorry for you and your bigotry, which I'm sure makes you quite unhappy.  You should probably stop reading this post, and don't bother to comment and spread your bigotry.  I will not publish your comment.  But if you are for equality and progress, then please join me in celebrating this victory with an appreciation of all marriage.  Below are some of the internet's best wedding pictures, from gay and straight couples.  Enjoy!

The Lonely Alchemist

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