Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Monday: "What's Up, Tiger Lily?"

So this week's movie review is definitely out of the ordinary. This movie isn't a Rom Com. It isn't Steampunk or Gothic, and it isn't suspense, historical fiction, or sci-fi. This movie is pure cheesy comedy, with an extra side of cheese, topped with more cheese.

"What's Up, Tiger Lily?" is the directorial debut of Woody Allen, a 1966 Japanese spy thriller that Allen managed to turn into a rowdy farce. Allen took a typical sexist movie (the Japanese version of James Bond) and re-dubbed it in English so that the entire film appears to be about an athletic, sexy, and violent search for the world's best egg salad recipe. With a distinctly 60's soundtrack by "Lovin' Spoonful," this is 80 minutes of horribly (read: wonderfully) hilarious and ultimately forgettable fun. Even if you can't remember the plot a day afterwards (does it even have a plot, and does egg salad count as a plot?) it is worth laughing with your friends as you see how bad (read: this is adorkable genius) Woody's ride in the director's chair goes.

This movie isn't too long, so get a big bowl of popcorn (and some egg salad, or course!) and sit down with some Woody Allen loving friends to enjoy some good laughs. Don't take anything seriously, and if you find it too dull, just have a few beers...


The Lonely Alchemist

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  1. Having seen that movie, I will agree wholeheartedly with your delightful review. :-)

    Samara Cogsbane