Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new month, a new background

With each new month, I give "The Lonely Alchemist" blog a shiny new background. January's background (with matching header) is "Bohemian" from the fabulous ItkuPilli. I adore all of ItkuPilli's backgrounds and use them exclusively. The digital collages are quaint, fantastic, fairy-like, ghostly, creepy, sexy, spectral, etc... I simply can't say enough good things about these blog backgrounds. If you are a blogger looking for a fresh look for your blog, check them out!

Along with a brand spanking new background, we at "The Lonely Alchemist" blog have a few new resolutions as well. Here they are:

~ post at least 4 times a week

~ post about sustainable or consumer-friendly issues at least 3 times a month

~ blog about every good Steampunk artist we come across

~ review as many Steampunk movies as possible

~ go to a Jane Austen Society of America convention and blog about it

~ go to either an Abney Park or Beats Antique concert (ohhhhh yeah!)

~ make at least 5 posts in foreign languages, just for the heck of it

So now you know a bit of what the next year should look like. If there is anything else you think we should absolutely do in 2012, leave a comment so we can put it on our calenders. And if we fail a little in our resolutions, please do forgive us! Keep your eyes pealed for... for... a lot of awesomeness! Happy New Year!


The Lonely Alchemist

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