Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perfume Review: "Headless Marie" from BirdcageandLabyrinth

"Headless Marie" from The Birdcage and Labyrinth Steampunk Perfumerie is a lovely, if morbid, tribute to Marie Antoinette. The perfume description reads: "This is a perfume in honor of that decadent woman, Marie Antoinette, who lost her head because of her expensive tastes. France’s most famous queen, lovely and na├»ve Marie was the toast of Versailles before her unfortunate rendezvous with the guillotine. The luxury of Marie and her king are legendary and have been immortalized in countless novels and movies. The opulence, the palaces, the food, the gardens, the clothes, the jewels… all are again immortalized in this perfume."

The scent is indeed decadent. Like the further descriptions say, the fragrance is reminiscent of fruity liqueurs with deeper tones of bergamot and vetiver. Ceder gives the scent a dark sensual quality, and I could detect shades of jasmine and violets gracing the top of the perfume.

The extreme fruitiness of this perfume is definitely not for everyone. I recommend buying a sample before committing to the scent, just to make sure it is for you. After all, it is pretty rich!


The Lonely Alchemist

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